Delete user names from the Skype log in screen

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If you happen to log in into public computer like in cyber Cafe, it keeps showing your log in user id even after you have log out from the Skype. So people who sits after  you on that same pc can see  your user id and can send you friend’s request whom you don’t even know. Off course that’s not a big deal as you will not  accept it. But sometime our friends log in to our personal computer for surfing internet. Maybe will use Skype on your computer but after they log out and the next time when you type your user name into the log in you’re your friends  name comes up first who had log in last on Skype . You know it’s not a major problem but it is annoying!  - How do you delete this from the drop down list so that only your user name appears on your own computer?

Here is the solution below

   Hold the Windows Key and type R or go to start mean then go to run

  In the window that opens type %appdata%\Skype <enter>

   Delete and folder with the name of an account you don't want to show up on the signin screen.


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