What to do if your iPhone will not turn on

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This Morning one of my friend called me on my another phone number. He told me  that my phone was  ringing but i didn't answer it. He said, was I  angry with him?  I was shocked when i heard  his crap.

When i saw my phone it was off and was heated. I exactly don't know what is happening to my phone and its brand new too. I know i have charged full in the morning and i have also updated Skype from app store too so battery could not be low. Then I  Pressed POWER button  but nothing was happening and again i pressed Home button result was the same. I had no idea what to do? Whenever same problem occurred with my BlackBerry i often used to remove the battery and problem was solved. But for iPhoneas there is no battery to remove. As I am using iphone for the very first time. I was thinking to give my handset to the  apple store for diagnosis, but then I tried some other tricks, as I was worried and was in search of solution I continued to press other buttons of my phone at one moment  i Hold the HOME and POWER button at the same time suddenly An Apple logo  appeared and within a minute my phone was back to normal and i felt relieved.

So bottom line is that , this might happen or have already happened to users of iphone  at some point of time. Usually, this can be resolved easily. Reason is
1)Either your battery has run down, or
2) iOS has "crashed" and needs to be rebooted.
3)On rare occasion the firmware has been corrupted.

The following steps will usually get your phone working again in a few seconds like mine:

Step 1.
Unless you are absolutely certain that there is plenty of charge left on the battery, connect the phone to a wall charger for at least 15 minutes. If it was just a low battery the phone will come on by itself. If it doesn't go to 

Step 2.

Hold the HOME and POWER at the same time. An Apple logo should appear in 10 - 20 seconds. Release both buttons, wait about a minute, and your phone should be back to normal.

If absolutely nothing happens after step 2. either your phone is broken, your cable is defective, or your charger has failed. Try different chargers and cables to isolate the problem. Or take all of them to an Apple store for diagnosis.

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