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It sounds awesome, isn’t it?  Yeah it’s true that you can get domain name with your name for free. But to get this opportunity there is some obligation. If you are having Nepali citizenship card or Nepali passport than domain is absolutely free for you. For example if your name is Tejendra Rana then your domain name can be or or if they are not available then you can register i.e you can make variations within your name.

So now you can register free Nepali domain name from or Open or go directly to and search for domain name you want to register, when you choose a domain name then go for registration. To write this article, the site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and upgrades. So, I can’t show you the tutorial how to register it. But yes you can send an email to host master attaching your citizenship card, passport and cover letter.
Wherever you are, I mean you are in Nepal or abroad if you have citizenship card and passport you are eligible to get domain free. Just scan citizenship card or passport and write a cover letter and send it to above email id. You will get the domain within 3,4 working days.

First you need to register at
but before doing that you should do the following:

[Notes: If the website is personal you need to use your name in the domain, otherwise it will be rejected. A sample cover letter for you has been written below the article. You need to submit it with your details at the Mecentile Building, Durbarmarg.]

Go to
register an account for a free username and password
In the Hosted Domains add your domain that you registered in the site ie

Now go to
Register for a domain. Fill the form. In the name server field of the form copy the following values / IP: / IP:

If you want to host your domain to google blogger then in the name server field of the form copy the following values

Primary Name Server: NS1.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:
Secondary Name Server: NS2.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:
Tertiary Name Server: NS3.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:

Now you need to submit the necessary document to Mercentile office (at Durbarmarg) and wait until the domain gets activated.

Cover letter
NPccTLD Registration Services
P. O. Box 876
Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, NEPAL

Subject: Registration of domain

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I would like to register .np domain name. I have already submitted the .np domain registration online form. I have attached the photocopy of my citizenship with this application.

I will be happy if you register my domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application.

Domain name:


Mr. xxxx

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  1. Great and useful information for people looking for having their own domain without paying anything

  2. This tutorial to How to Register .np Domain for Free? is really useful for me to set my own personal domain. Now, i will be hosting it in blogger because blogger provide Google hosting for free.

  3. how many domain can we register by individual?

    1. only one domain per person in mercantile communication

  4. Its nice articles and taking about domain register only personal name only and example its not be register.


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