Alcoholism and its homoeopathic treatment

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Today I am going to discuss about Alcoholism its effects and  few homoeopathic medicines which when used depending upon symptom similarity according to law of similia similibus gives excellent results in overcoming habits of alcohol .

First of all what is alcoholism ?

Drinking alcohol sometime as a relaxation purpose does not have any harmful effects. It is also seen that people or even doctors recommend to have some while going to some extreme cold place during that time it really acts as a medicine to overcome the cold. But when this sometime fun and amusement of drinking turns to daily basis it not only affects the drinker but also to his family and surrounding gets affected by the drinkers habits.
It not only makes the drinker bad and regarded as unwanted element in the society but it may turn to some very harmful social activity. Tough the person may be well behaved and nice person when he is not under the influence of alcohol but when the same person takes alcohol then that person becomes completely different person.
we need to understand the main fact or cause which leads the person to become dependent on the alcohol and try to remove that person out from the illusion world and show that person the mirror to the enlighten their life.
Some of the causes which tend to alcoholism are as follows.
1) Hereditary/ genetics: some genes cause individuals to be more prone to use abusive substances like alcohol which tends to run in families.
2)Psychological :- some people are in wrong impression that if they take alcohol it will give relief to their   emotional disturbances or have some problems on personal and professional life. But they do not realize that by doing such kind of activity they are welcoming new problems and also their personality and relations are getting destroyed. When a person is  under the effect of alcohol he will be hallucinated and do not know what he is speaking and with to whom they are speaking . It creates lots of hypes and tension in family also as drunk person is careless about their relations as they find amusement and fun in drinking.As they think that by drinking they gets relief from their tension but in reality they plunge into the sea which never takes them to shore.

3)Social And cultural: some culture encourage drinking to celebrate some occasion, partying to have good times.

Solution to the Problem:

To overcome this social stigma and eradicate the dependence on alcohol it is the person who first have to understand the problem and take a step to git rid of the habit and become a good human being. Family members and friends also plays important to overcome the difficulties of the person by giving him emotional support , by encouraging the person to leave the habit. In some cases patient needs psychological counselling to overcome their problem. In chronic cases patient should be sent to rehabilitation centers  for their proper treatment. Meditation and yoga also helps in overcoming the habit.

Following are few selected which will help in such patients:-

1) Avena Sativa:-   It acts on brain and nervous symptoms influences their nutritive function. If there is nervous exhaustion, sexual debility and the morphine habit, it acts well in material doses. It also works as tonic for debility after long suffering diseases. It helps in combating alcoholism and sleeplessness especially occurring due to alcoholism.
Dose:- 5-15 drops of the mother tincture in hot water for 5 to 7 days depending upon the patient and case.

2) Nux Vomica:- It is pre- eminently the remedy for any of the conditions incidental to and arising from the so called MODERN CIVILIZED LIFE. The patient is very irritable, fastidious(excessive particular about details) , zealous and is despondent and quarrelsome, spiteful, malicious and ugly. He is very nervous and melancholic(sad or depressed). Egoism prevails supreme in him. Anxiety and irritability which may intend him to commit suicide though patient is afraid to die. Ill humored, finds fault with everybody and scolds them. Mental derangement in drunkards, gastric troubles. Intoxicated feeling which is worse in the morning.It has to be given while the patient is under the influences of alcohol.

3) Quercus gladium spiritus:- It antidotes effects of alcohol. It takes away the craving for Alcohols. There is vertigo deafness and noises in the head . Ten drops to a spoonful of distilled spirit 3 to 4 times a day usually 3X potency.

4)Syphilinum:- There is hereditary tendency to alcoholism. Loss of memory, apathetic, feels as if going insane or apathetic, hopeless, sleeplessness and delirium at night.

5)Stramonium:- It is suitable for habitual drunkards. There is delirium during which patient talks all the time, sings, makes verses and raves, nonstop and incoherent talking and laughing. There is strange delusion about his own identity. Thinks that he is very tall, double or a part is missing. Intolerable pain in the forehead and over the eye brows. Desires company and light.

6) Cannabis indica: There is exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space. Conception of time space and place is gone. Extremely happy and contented, nothing troubles. Ideas crowd upon each other. Rapid change of mood. Feels as if top of the head were opening and shutting ans as if calvarium were being lifted. Involuntary shaking of head. Very sleepy but cannot sleepy. Nightmares dreams of dead bodies. face is flushed, perspire easily, pupils dilated.


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