Now compose emails on Google in full-screen

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A few days more and you will be able to compose your Google emails in full-screen,thanks to an update. The compose box, the way it is right now, is like the chat window on Google, only bigger. But once you’ve enabled this option, the compose box will appear at the centre of your inbox and expand to occupy your entire screen. Users have the option to either click on the expand button on the top right or select the Default to full-screen option in the more options menu on the bottom right.
Compose emails in full-screen now!

Google showed off its new compose window in October last year and made it the default way to send emails in March this year. When the company newly introduced the compose box, many switched to the redesigned format and with good reason. Mails, unlike instant messaging services, tend to become a lengthy process. It becomes cumbersome when one has to keep switching between viewing older mails for reference, saving the current mail as a draft and searching for that mail from last month.

Google has ensured that controls on the new compose box while still accessible, won't come in the user's way when not needed. Also now when users add recipients to their messages, profile pictures of their contacts will show up in auto-complete, letting them be sure of sending mails to the intended recipient. Users can drag and drop the new address chips between to: cc: and bcc:. Once users are done adding recipients, the address bar collapses automatically.

In addition to the new full-screen option in Gmail, the formatting toolbar on the compose box will be on by default too. The changes will be rolled out to everyone in the next few days. In the meanwhile, tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.


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