Top three publisher ad networks for Nepalese

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It is hard to tell best publisher ad network. Not simple as 1, 2, 3..... It solely depends upon your blog niche, visitors and their location. If it comes to Asian publishers, it is a big headache. I have personal experience of this in earlier times when I started blogging some two years ago. Better is to check which publisher network works best for you. It doesn't cost anything to sign up!

Before choosing any publisher network, find out their payment threshold and most important is payment option. I am giving more emphasis on payment option particularly in context in Nepal. Paypal is the payment option of almost all advertising networks but it is not available in Nepal. Check is another but it is not guaranteed whether you will receive it or not! Since it is send through ordinary mail, I have too missed several checks worth rupees 290$. 

Here is the top three ad network for Nepalese publisher. You can easily get money from them in Nepal with their easy payment option.

Google AdSense: No doubt, Google AdSense is the leader in ad networks. AdSense serves highly targeted ads. It is comparatively hard to get inside AdSense network. Google's terms and conditions are very strict among all advertising companies available. Believe me if you are honest, AdSense will always be honest with you. I am happy to work with them.
You can get payment as you earn $100 through Western Union.

Infolinks: I have kept this in second number for Nepali publisher. I am working with infolinks since last one year. No doubt Infolinks is best in In-Text Advertising. They are always ready to assist you in earning maximum from your sites. They claim having the most relevant in-text advertising links and the highest revenue share - guaranteed company, so they are.
You can get payment as you earn $50 through Payoneer (Don't worry you can get free Payoneer master card in Nepal).

AOL Advertising: AOL Advertising is an advertising network group using CPM (Cost Per Million), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action). As Infolinks their staff are very helpful. is a big and really well-organized ad network. I have already got payment to my bank account in Kathmandu, Nepal from them.
You can get payment as you earn $25 through Wire transfer (transferred to your bank account).

Are these publisher ad networks also in your priority list?


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